The Process Of Investing In Condotel Is Not Too Complicated

Property investment is classified as a real asset investment, where investments are tangible objects. Condotel investment is included, and lately, condotel has been attracting a lot of investors because besides being in the area of the property which is clearly profitable. That’s why they start to hunt for promising condo units, like the ones from Riviere condo.

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As you know, property investment is still popular today because of perceived scarcity. Just imagine, the available land will not increase (unless a process of land expansion is carried out by the government). While the population continues to increase.

That is, the demand for land and property will be higher than the supply, and cause the price to be higher. These are some things that make everyone competing in property investment.

Well, condotel (a building consisting of units such as apartments) is also now often used as an investment or business instrument by reliable business people.

Condotel is indeed a concept like an apartment with various types. Condotel is also equipped with public facilities, such as swimming pools, spa salons, restaurants, meeting rooms, and so on.

The process of investing in a condotel will begin with the sale of the unit to you as an investor or businessman, then for the management itself will be carried out by hotel operators who market it. This unit is rented out to guests on a daily basis.

Basically, you are buying a condotel just like buying a hotel room.

Once purchased and given a certificate of ownership, you will return the room to the manager to operate it like a rented apartment or hotel room. Condotel is not used as the residence of the owner.

Launching from Wormtraders and several other online booking sites, the average condotel rental price itself is in the range is quite affordable for most people.

The price itself depends on the facilities and types of rooms offered. Generally, the rooms are equipped with facilities such as wifi, swimming pool, parking, and room service.

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