These Are The Two Uncommon Types Of Water Heaters

A water heater is a tool that is needed by many people, especially in winter. In addition to ordinary water heaters, there are several types of unusual water heaters. One of them is the aircon water heater. This tool is a water heater that relies on exhaust energy from outdoor AC, which is a very high temperature of the freon when exiting the compressor. In the meantime, you might want to call the air conditioning repair columbia sc when your water heater is broken.

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In the normal AC, the temperature will be lowered again (discarded) on the condenser by blown by the fan, before entering the condenser, the flow of hot freon is deflected into a tank filled with cold water. In the tank, there is a spiral pipe called the Heat Exchanger so that contact occurs between hot freon and cold water on the exchanger. The water that was originally cool slowly will heat up according to the temperature of the freon. Conversely, the freon which was originally very hot will slightly decrease its temperature as a result of its contact with the cold water.

In addition, heat pumps are water heaters that rely on very high freon temperatures when exiting the compressor. The outside air (outdoor water, the more efficient the more heat) is sucked in by the fan, this hot air will heat the environmentally friendly refrigerant inside the evaporator, then through the compressor, the heat-cooled refrigerant is added to the heat and circulated to the heat exchanger. The heating process of this heat pump is very efficient because electricity is needed only for the compressor so that overall it will produce a heating capacity of up to 3X. The power used by the heat pump, in other words, the heat pump requires only one-third of its heating capacity.

Considering the electrical power needed by the electric water heater is large enough, make sure that the total electrical power in the house is sufficient.

Then, you may choose a water heater that is classified as energy efficient, where the indicator is Energy Factor (EF), with indicators ranging from 0.5 to 2.0. The higher the EF, the more efficient the product will be. This can be seen from the specifications usually found on each product.

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