The Most Effective Way to Clean Crusty Glass

Crusty glass is caused by mold that adheres to the glass. The appearance of this fungus can be triggered by several conditions, such as stains that accumulate too long, or glass that is too often exposed to water and soap. Because of these conditions, crust on glass is often found in car glass, aquarium glass, and bathroom glass. If we don’t have enough time, we need help from the cleaning service. The main task of cleaning services jobs is to clean everything dirty and they certainly can clean the crusty glass.

There are several materials commonly used to clean crusty glass:

1. Alcohol

Alcohol with a dose of about 50% -90% is a glass cleaner that is still effective. It is common knowledge that alcohol can be used as a cleaning solution, including crust cleaners on glass. How to use it is relatively easy, namely by wetting the cloth with alcohol than rubbing it on the crusty glass. Because it has a high rate of evaporation, alcohol tends to dry out quickly so the cleaning process takes longer. Also, alcohol is considered less effective for cleaning the crust that has been attached to the glass long enough. It takes a relatively longer and tougher effort because rubbing it must be more intense and stronger. Also read: How to Clean Moldy Bathroom Glass.

2. Toothpaste

Toothpaste can be regarded as one of the most effective ingredients for cleaning the crust on the glass. However, not all types of toothpaste can be used. The most appropriate type to clean crust on glass is toothpaste that contains soft granules inside. First, you need to rub toothpaste on the glass surface – especially the crusty glass surface – then wait for it to dry. After dry, rinse with water while rubbing with a brush. For brushes, it is recommended to use a toothbrush so that it will be more careful in cleaning. After rinsing with water until clean, dry using the newspaper. This toothpaste can clean the crust better than alcohol. Also read: How to Make Aluminum Doors.

3. Cream-type multipurpose ingredients

Cream-type multipurpose ingredients have the advantage of breaking down the glass crust. Its use is among the easiest. It can be applied directly on the surface of the problematic glass then rubbed. The scrubbing process can also be done using a clean cloth, however, if stubborn crust can use a rougher cloth or coarse rubbing foam. After that, rinse using water and dry with a clean cloth. This material is the most easily applied material and with proper use, the results are better than alcohol or toothpaste.

4. Mix vinegar and water

In addition to using the ingredients above, you can also use natural cleaning agents that you can find in the kitchen, by using a mixture of vinegar and water with a ratio of 1: 1. Vinegar has an acidic effect that can flake off crusts and patches of soap and oil attached to the glass. How to use it is to spray a mixture of water and vinegar on the crusty glass surface. Next, leave it for about five minutes so that the vinegar can react properly. And the last way is to rinse it with warm water.

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