Homeowners Can Use These Food Ingredients To Protect Their Kitchen Appliances From Mice

Mice like to attack the kitchen area, and your kitchen equipment can be contaminated with their droppings. Luckily, you don’t need to be confused looking for a powerful way to get rid of mice. With some of these kitchen ingredients, mice at home are guaranteed to leave immediately and they don’t dare to touch your Miele Bottom Freezer Refrigerators and other cooking utensils.

Here are the food ingredients that you can use to protect your kitchen utensils from mice:

Pepper powder

Rats don’t like the spicy aroma emitted by pepper or ground pepper. Therefore, you can sprinkle ground pepper in places where you often find mice. This method is believed to make them run away.

Coffee powder

Mice have a keen sense of smell. By sowing coffee powder that smells strong, mice will not like to linger around the odor. But make sure that what you sprinkle is black coffee powder, not coffee with sugar!

Baking soda

Mice cannot belch or pass gas from their stomachs. It’s because of this you can sow baking soda or mix it with mouse bait. When mice eat the bait, the stomach will be bloated and die because it holds the gas.

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