This Is How To Repair The Partially-Clogged Waterways

In order to re-launch the partially clogged bathroom drains, you can use caustic soda. Caustic soda is used because it is alkaline and capable of destroying rubbish in water drains. Do not forget to choose a special caustic soda for cleaning waterways, not for cleaning paint (can be seen on the packaging / ask the seller). the same is true for handling clogged toilet problems. Meanwhile, if you need the best professionals to repair your clogged waterways and pipes, you may call the affordable plumbers near me.

The steps for using it are as follows:

Prepare enough caustic soda. You can buy this caustic soda at a building store, in liquid or powder form at different prices according to the packaging.

Use a mask and plastic gloves (can use crackle) to avoid unwanted effects if the skin is exposed to caustic soda.

Put the caustic soda into a dry bucket.

Add enough hot water. This is useful for accelerating the process of dissolving caustic soda.

Then stir so that the caustic soda powder is mixed with hot water.

Pour the liquid into the drainage holes.

Usually, it will sound like a roar.

Do not use the drains first so that the caustic soda can work more optimally.

For the record, the above steps should be taken at night when the water channel is not used. Add vinegar to the ducts to create a powerful boost effect. If this method does not help, try every day to flush the drain with a large bucket of water at the same time to push the dirt out slowly.NOTE: do not use lye if the waterways are clogged or completely blocked or it cannot be smooth at all because it will add to the problem you because the caustic soda cannot come out so that the caustic soda fire is still in the water channel / wc, then the drainpipe will become damaged.
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