4 Best Ways To Choose A Shower Door

Planning to replace the shower doors? Be careful, this is often a challenge for homeowners. Because sometimes it is difficult to choose the right size door for the bathroom. Humid air in the bathroom also often makes the door quickly damaged. For that, the door material must be considered carefully. When choosing a door, pay attention to functions, aesthetics, to the costs that are most suitable for you www.goldenelitedeco.com/shower-sets.html.

Well, so you are not mistaken in choosing a bathroom door, you should use the following tips!

1. Choose a moist material
In choosing a door, it is very important to determine the material. Avoid wood materials because they are prone to damage when moist. Choose steel or fibreglass doors to avoid damage due to moisture. Especially if the ventilation in the bathroom is inadequate.

2. Pay attention to the direction of the door swing
Bathroom size is usually smaller than other rooms. Therefore, the choice of the direction of the swing door is very influential to the convenience of its use later. Make sure the door does not swing to the mirror or window and do not disturb the entry and exit paths. Choose the left door if you want the swing direction also to the left. Instead, select the right door if the desired swing direction is to the right.

3. Recalculate the size of the door opening
The door selected must be 1/8 inch smaller than the length and width of the door opening itself.

4. Choose the best design
Whatever material you choose, you will find a smooth or panelled door. If you choose the panelled, there are dozens of design options available to choose from. If you choose steel or fibreglass, you can find doors that are embossed to mimic the appearance of wood.

That’s the 4 ways that can help you find the best door to be installed in the bathroom. By following the tips above, you can indirectly be more cost-effective. Therefore, the door chosen is more durable to fight air humidity in the bathroom area. Likewise the size and direction of the opening that has been adjusted to the condition of the house. Happy hunting for the bathroom door, and hope this article is useful for you!

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