You Must Know This If You Wish To Clean The Air At Home

Pollutants that make the air polluted apparently not only come from outside the house, you know. There are also pollutants in the house which make the air quality worse. For example, cigarette smoke, smoke burning garbage, until the smoke from your cooking. The best solution is to remove pollutants from inside the house with the help of an exhaust fan. This fan is able to suck up air from inside the house to be expelled and replaced with new air from outside. Therefore, if your home has a lot of pollutants you should install an exhaust fan at home. In the meantime, if your air duct is also dirty, perhaps you must call Sears Clean to clean it for you.

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In addition, not only the furniture that causes dusty rooms, but the floor, sofa, carpet, and doormats can also be a trigger. How to clean the air in the room can also be started by cleaning the floor. Don’t forget to mop the floor every 1-2 days using a floor cleaning liquid. Both sofas, carpets, and doormats also should not go unnoticed. Use a vacuum cleaner to vacuum the dust of these three items. If the condition of the items is very dirty, wash it thoroughly and dry it until it is completely dry so as not to cause mold growth. A clean floor will affect the air quality in the room. Of course, clean carpets, sofas, and doormats will not pollute the surrounding air.

Furthermore, without realizing it, the items that we use every day have a dangerous chemical substance. For example, detergents and deodorizers used to wash clothes actually contain trichloroethylene and perchloroethylene, chemicals which if inhaled continuously can cause damage to the kidneys and nervous system. If forced to use items that contain chemicals, make sure the air circulation in the house is good so that air exchange occurs. In addition, clothes that have just been washed should be sun-dried outside the house so that the chemicals in detergents and deodorizers can evaporate when the clothes are dried outside.

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