Is It Hard To Rent An Apartment In Singapore?

The most common type of long-term residences is the apartment. However, is it hard for looking for an apartment in Singapore? The answer is tricky and easy at the same time. If you don’t want to be confused about it, we recommend you to read the information in this article. Aside from that, if you want to buy a condo instead, just check out pullman condo newton

Here are things you must know about renting an apartment in Singapore:

Determine Apartment Preferences

Singapore knows two types of apartments, they are condominiums and Housing Development Board (HDB). The difference between these two types of apartments is a matter of facilities. The condo has complete facilities such as swimming pool, gym, security officer, and open-plan multipurpose area. Management of condominiums is left to the private sector, so the price is relatively high. In contrast, HBD, which is managed by the Singapore government, does not have facilities as complete as a condominium, but the price is much cheaper. Therefore, if you want to get better facilities we recommend you to take a look at the pullman condo newton.

Start Searching for Apartments

If you already know where your budget goes, look at the list of apartments for rent in the location you want. Don’t forget to look at the description of facilities, property area, and most importantly, the price of the apartment rental. If you are already comfortable with the property, just contact the property agent concerned.

See Apartment Condition

It is important to see firsthand the condition of the apartment. Make sure it matches the photo. Also check the facilities offered, whether it’s in accordance with the specifications on the ad or not. You can also ask your property agent about the age of the building. If the age of the building is still 30 years or younger, then it is safe to rent the apartment. If it’s been 50 years, then it’s better to find another apartment. Apartment buildings that are 50 years old will be taken over by the Singapore government. As compensation, the government will provide a replacement residence for Singapore citizens. Additionally, if you’re looking for a condo in Singapore instead of an apartment, just check out the Pullman Residences.

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