Dangers of Narcotics: Disrupting Health to Social Life

Drugs or narcotics and dangerous drugs are one of the most troubling things for the community. How not, until now there are still very many drug abuse cases and mostly attack the younger generation. There are many dangers of drugs for health based on center for addiction treatment. If you really understand the dangers of drugs, will you still use them?

Before knowing the dangers of drugs, you need to know the types of drugs first. In general, drugs consist of 3 classifications, namely narcotics, psychotropic substances and addictive substances. In addition, drugs can also be distinguished based on the effects they produce. Types of drugs based on their effects are like hallucinogens, stimulants, depressants, and addictive. Basically there are many types of drugs and some of them are used in the medical world for treatment, but of course, their use is closely monitored. While dangerous use is when drugs are used carelessly or can be said to be misused.

Many people who use drugs only to get a moment of pleasure. Without realizing it continues and ignores various dangers actually lurking. Here are the various dangers of drugs that must be watched out for:

Causing addiction
Basically what makes drugs so dangerous is the effects of opium on their use. If you have started using drugs, then the desire will continue to appear. Even the longer the dose used is higher.

Reduce consciousness
The first danger of drugs is to reduce the awareness of users. This certainly makes it difficult for drug users to carry out activities. The difficulty to take lessons is one of the dangers of drugs for students. If left unchecked, it will certainly affect his life as a whole.

Dehydration is also a danger of drugs. This condition is caused by a deficit of fluid in the body and is usually followed by electrolyte imbalance. Dehydration cannot be taken lightly because it can trigger other conditions that can harm the body such as loss of concentration, panic attacks, even to seizures.

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