These Methods Can Reduce The Level Of Humidity At Home

Insulation or closure of the boundary that is the boundary between inside and outside the house is important to reduce the level of humidity inside the house. It’s because sometimes the high humidity in the house that can also be caused by the cold outside air entering through the gaps or barriers. Cold air can trigger the accumulation of air humidity which results in humid conditions inside the house. Closing the gaps that connect the air inside and outside the house is a powerful way to reduce the cold air that enters the house. Additionally, you can also call an expert on Crawl Space Encapsulation and insulation if you can’t do it yourself.

In addition, many people may not think that the daily activities we normally do in the house can trigger high levels of humidity. Based on a study by a research team from the University of Georgia, activities such as bathing, washing and cooking release at least 3 gallons of water into the air each day. The more water content in the air, of course, the higher the humidity in the room.

So, it is necessary to save and reduce water consumption in these activities to keep the humidity inside the house stable. Drying wet clothes or cloth, for example, do this activity outside the house and in direct sunlight, so that the water content is not trapped in the air and increase humidity. Finally, you can make savings in water consumption by reducing the intensity and temperature of the shower used when bathing.

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